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PT. Hudaya Maju Mandiri ( Hino Sales Team )

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PT. Hudaya Maju Mandiri ( Hino Sales Team )
PT. Hudaya Maju Mandiri ( Hino Sales Team )
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PT. Hudaya Maju Mandiri ( Hino Sales Team )


Welcome to Hino Sales Team, we are the Team have experienced in the sale of trucks and want to offer Hino truck vehicle as a solution for your company' s transport operations.

Under the auspices of the PT. Hudaya Maju Mandiri as the largest authorized dealer Hino in Jakarta, which has branches spread across Greater Jakarta and Bandung, we from Hino Sales Team is ready to help meet the needs of Hino truck to transport your company operasioanal.

Hino has 32 yrs doing business in Indonesia and has been trusted by millions of companies throughout Indonesia, to handle the the company' s operations in the field of freight transportation. Millions of companies have chosen and used Hino trucks, because Hino, has been famous as a tough truck in all fields, strong in all slope, stubborn, frugal and has many variants which can meet all kinds of needs of transport companies.

For Category 2 Hino truck ( 3-8 ton) , Hino has a type: truck Hino Dutro 300 with various farian, ranging from the type SDL 110-PS 4 tires with long tub / box of 3 s / d 4, 2 M which is the longest class, type LD 110-PS 6 tires, for ligh-duty trucks with a carrying capacity up to 5 tons, type MDL 130 PS 6 tires, a medium duty truck with a long box for up to 5, 5m suitable for transport requires large cubication, and type HD 130 PS 6 tires to transport land or sand with a capacity of up to 10m3.

For the truck category with a capacity of 10-40 tons, Hino have Hino Ranger truck 500 with a variety of types.
To transport with a capacity of 10 - 15 tons hino has type FG series 235 PS 6 tires ( 4x2) with a variety of variants that can be used as a Dump Truck, Tractor Head, Tank, Loss bak and Bak / Box with lengths of up to 8M.
To transport 15-35 ton Hino has type FL 10 series tires ( 6x2) suitable for transport tanks, Loss Bak, tub / Box and Wing Box with a length up to 10M.

For freight containers, Hino has type SG 260J 6 tires ( 4x2) which is suitable for container transport 20-40 feet and FM 320 P 10 tires ( 6x4) for the freight a carrying capacity trailer with over 40 tons.

For mining transport, Hino has type FM 260 and FM 285 JD JD Common Rail, 10 tires ( 6X4) which is famous as the dump truck to transport land, coal, sand, stone and other mineral that could carry up to 25m3 capacity. And type Hino FM 320 PD 10 tires ( 6x4) , which can carry up to 30 tons of minerals.

So you do not have to hesitate anymore to choose a Hino truck as a solution to all the needs of freight transport operations of your company, because Hino has experience serving millions costumernya in Indonesia.
Forget other brands, especially brands that only offer low price without you know the quality, durability and its service of the truck after it, because when you buy a truck, it is an investment that you should be able to feel the benefits to tens of years, of course you do not want to if the investment you planted in a truck just to survive in a matter of less than 5 years.

So why do you have to hesitate anymore to choose a solution Hino truck freight operational needs of your company, and we from Hino Sales Team that has served hundreds of customer berpengalama, ready to assist you in serving the procurement Hino truck to transport your company operasioanal.

For reservations please contact us with email address: hinosalesteam@ gmail.com
You can also contact us if you would like further consultation with Mr. Rino Hino in Hp no: 0818-727690 / 0812-99023578

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